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  • changing the batting order

    Remember the good old days of limited overs cricket? Even though the objective was to score quick runs, teams would play cautiously in the beginning, preserve wickets and then slog in the end. Jayasuriya and Kaluwitharana and Mark Greatbatch changed all that, and attacked from the first ball. And cricket was never the same again. Maybe there’s a lesson there for us all.

  • The-leader-in-queue

    Long queues at the airport security check can be frustrating. But as I discovered at Bengaluru airport the other day, sometimes the queue can throw up interesting lessons too!

  • Do-something-selfish-help-someone

    I have always admired folks from the armed forces. I do believe there’s a lot we can learn from them. Here’s something I have learnt from a friend – a retired brigadier. He’s changed the way I think. And the way I behave.

  • Lessons from the Ping Pong Table

    The TT table was a common feature in several of the offices I worked in.The daily ping-pong sessions after lunch at work threw up some interesting life and leadership lessons!

  • what the captain told me

    On a recent holiday, I went on a sunset cruise on a picturesque lake. It might have remained just another boat ride had it not been for an interesting conversation with the captain of the ship!

  • how to select a coach

    If you are a corporate looking to appoint a coach for a high-performer, here are four lessons you can take away from the Kumble saga.

  • Nail Your Speech

    Here are 5 tips to help leaders nail their next town hall address.

  • Have a Plan B Junk It

    Businesses and leaders love having a Plan B. That’s the alternative that they can resort to when the preferred path — plan A — appears to be a tough, long haul. The consequence? At the first hint of trouble, we give up on our stated strategy. In fact, we imagine there’s trouble, when there’s a tempting Plan B in sight! Choice then isn’t always a good thing.

  • Leadership Lessons from a coffee break

    Something interesting happened on Tuesday, the 26th of February, 2008. All Starbucks cafes across America were closed that evening. It was termed the most expensive coffee break in corporate history.

  • Not Enjoying The Ride Get Off

    Even as the debate on the glass ceiling in corporate India continues to rage, the banking sector has proven to be a bit of an exception.Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chanda Kochhar and Shikha Sharma−are successful women in their own right.But there’s another inspirational woman-banker-CEO that I want to tell you about!

  • Parable of his leader

    It happened over three decades ago. In a kirana shop in a corner of the country. And yet, it’s a story that’s probably been retold to successive generations of young managers at Hindustan Unilever. It’s a story that bears repetition.

  • Get an Alteration Tailor for yourself.

    What’s true for alteration tailors is true for life. Seek, and you shall find. Go find yourself an alteration tailor today. And become the best you can be.

  • What's Your Leadership Legacy?

    Imagine. The year is 2035. After a long and successful career, you’ve recently hung up your boots. What’s your leadership legacy going to be?

  • Values and that Red Light Syndrome

    No one suddenly decides to rob a million bucks. It usually starts small. It seems harmless. And then slowly balloons into a catastrophe that destroys reputations, careers, lives even.

  • A Lesson Learnt from a Shoe Lace

    Next time you are looking to drive a change initiative in your organisation, think of the shoe lace. Skip the blame game. Take ownership. Start small.

  • PI TALKIES The Escalator Moment

    Good leaders make it easy for their teams to ask for help. Be that kind of leader.

  • PI TALKIES When Do You Say its My Aeroplane?

    Two simple statements that encapsulate two stellar traits of good leaders. They take ownership in a crisis. And when the job is done, they attribute the results to the team’s efforts. When Do You Say It’s ‘My Aeroplane’?

  • PI TALKIES Lessons From The High Jump

    Being a leader is simple really. Just think like a high jumper! Keep your eyes on the hurdle, on the challenge ahead. Believe in your ability to jump over the bar, to overcome. After every success, raise the bar. Dare to think different- do the Fosbury Flop!

  • PI TALKIES Who's That Guy At The Bottom?

    Are you looking to create an empowered, frontline-focused and passionate organisation? Turn your organisation upside down.

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