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My 17 for 2017


It’s that time of the year when we make new year resolutions.
Research shows that on top of most lists are resolutions relating to weight loss (diet / fitness), finances (spend less / save more), work-life balance (spend more time with loved ones) and the pursuit of a passion /hobby. Have you made your resolutions for 2017?

Here’s my list of 17 slightly off-beat resolutions for 2017. Which of these do you think are the most interesting? Which one would you adopt?

1. Digital detox: Keep the cellphone away from the bedroom from 10 pm to 6 am. And never keep the phone within eyesight during a meeting — or a meal.

2. Phone-a-friend. Reach out — every day — to one old friend (or new) — or a colleague or relative. Every day. For no other reason than to say hello, and and to check how they are doing. Takes less than 3 minutes. Did I say where’s the time?

3. Give away those extra clothes / shoes that I seldom wear. And make sure every time a new one in gets in — and old one goes out.

4. Speak to the kids — at least once every day. No matter which part of the world they are in. Truth is, they are never too far away.

5. Watch 52 movies — one movie a week — with the wife. Not because I love them, but because I love her.

6. Learn to cook. And make a meal at least once a week. (eggs and cereals don’t count as meals. Dosas do!)

7. Finish the 3 volume set of the Bhagwad Gita that my aunt gifted me. And then try and finish more of those waiting-to-be-read books on my bookshelf. And on my Kindle.

8. Write. Every day. Work on the next book. And the next. Or a column. Or a blog. But write. Shobha De once told me she writes 3000 words every day. What’s my excuse?

9. Break 90 in Golf. Consistently. And maybe the best way to do that would be to play more often — which would mean getting the wife to play too.

10. Be there. If it’s a celebration — make the effort to be there. A friend’s birthday, a marriage in the family, be there. No excuses. The pain of the trip will be long forgotten. The remorse of missing out will linger.

11. Have a meal (or a cup of coffee) once a month with someone I don’t know too well — but want to get to know.

12. Learn the tricks of stand up comedy. Watch standups perform. Create and put out a 5 minute stand-up comedy gig of my own.

13. Send Thank you notes. Always. Acknowledge little things other people do. And if someone asks for a favour, try my damnedest to help. Yes, damnedest.

14. Check email only when I am in a position to respond. And respond immediately. See an email only once. And respond within 24 hours.

15. Pick up that old Nikon D3100. Take lots of pictures. Learn. And become a better photographer. (Owning a camera does not make you a photographer!)

16. Never plan a second visit to the same restaurant. Discover new places. Try new cuisines. Explore.

17. Holiday with the wife. Often. Pick a place in the countryside — and spend a week there. And not try and do five cities in 6 days.

What’s on your list? Keen to hear!

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