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Be a Nagesh. Help people with their bags!

If I told you that Nagesh Kolte was my hero of the week, you’d be forgiven for asking Nagesh, who?
Nagesh is actually a driver at Uber and I had the pleasure of driving with him this morning as I went to the airport in Pune. As I sat down in that seat I saw a little certificate hanging behind the headrests of the seat in front of me and it said certificate of achievement .Nagesh apparently is a gold partner at Uber .He has had over a thousand rides where passengers have given him five stars. Clearly he’s a star in his own right.
What I really loved about this though is that that certificate went on to inform me that what riders love about Nagesh is the fact that he helps them with their luggage.
Just imagine, I think there’s a message in that for all of us. Success in our life is not just about doing all that you’re expected to do but about doing just a little bit more!
It’s just not enough to be saying ‘I have done my job’, it’s really about how do you go the extra mile to do a little bit more. In Nagesh’s case, he’s a good driver, he’s courteous, he knows his road map pretty well but that’s not all, people love him because he helps them with their luggage.
Maybe there’s a message in it for all of us. We should aim to be that kind of a person. Not just someone who does everything that’s expected of him / her but does a little bit more.
Let’s become that kind of person who helps other people with their bags and when you do that, remember to thank Nagesh for a lesson well learnt!

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